Get a DVD and an Audio Book created of your oral history and present it in a beautiful 2 Disc Set. This is an investment into future generations. Sharing your stories will open doors and heal wounds in ways you can't foresee. 

How it works...

We will do all the major steps. You just need your stories.


We will give you a printed questionnaire to help jog your memory and decide what you want to include in this oral history.


One of our consultants can either come to your home or setup a virtual recording session. We will ask you questions about the topics you have chosen and you just have to share your thoughts and memories. 


That's it! From there we will do all the heaving lifting as we create a DVD and Audio Book out of your session and have it professionally produced so you can share it with your loved ones.

Why hire us?

It's Best For...

Someone who wants to create a bridge between the generations.

You may not think that people want to hear your stories but you are wrong.

Sharing your stories and having them recorded for generations to come will be a treasured gift you can give your loved ones.

Someone who's started but just can't finish...

"I've been trying to go the 'do-it-yourself' route but in the end, I just keep pushing it off and don't know when or how I am going to find the time to finish. I need help."

Someone who is overwhelmed and doesn't know how to continue. 

"I can record it on my own but what next? How do I get it off my phone and into the hands of my loved ones? 

An audio book? How do I even begin? A DVD... ok, just stop. This is too much. Please just do it for me. "

Who are we?

Two distant cousins who were brought together through family history are paying it forward and are here to help you create lasting bonds with your family. 

Stephanie Butler


Since every story is unique, I use my background in education and private coaching to guide you through each step of the MyStoryMentor process, making it a simple, fun, enjoyable experience.

Chelsea Robson

West Coast Oral History Consultant

I use my background in audio and video production to help finish your project and give you a professional recording package you can share with your loved ones.


One Person



  • Printed Questionnaire To Prepare Your Thoughts 
  • 1 Hour Interview Video & Audio Recording (In home or virtual meetings available)
  • Full Video & Audio Edit
  • 2 Copies Of The CD/DVD Bundles
  • Payment plans available! 

Two People



  • Printed Questionnaire To Prepare Your Thoughts 
  • 1 Hour Interview Video & Audio Recording for each person. (In home or virtual meetings available.)
  • Full Video And Audio Edit
  • 2 Copies Of The CD/DVD Bundles each
  • Payment Plans Available! 

Add ons & À LA CART
  • 30 min interview with an additional Family Member +$200 Each 
  • Additional DVD/CD Bundles +$30 Each 
  • Printed Picture Book +$100
  • Out Of Arizona Consultant Travel  +$500
  • Audio & Video editing of what you have done yourself - Just Ask!

Frequently asked questions

How long does my part take?

You will be sent a workbook to help you plan what you want to focus on during your interview. You can highlight what is most important and the consultant will ask follow up questions as you go. The actual interview should only take 1.5 hours per person for the first two people. Additional family members will be 1/2 hour each. 

What's the difference between an in-person recording session and a virtual session?

For in-person, one of our talented consultants will bring all the equipment needed to record a full interview to your home. They will set everything up and push record. Then they will pack up everything and you don't have to worry about anything. 

For virtual sessions, we will ship you personal recording devices that you get to keep! Then, walk you through the setup. If technology isn't your thing, all you need is a local friend (or willing 10 yr old) to help. We will walk them through the process of sending all the files so we can have them back to you in physical form as soon as possible.

How long until I receive my DVD/Audio Book Bundle?

Once we are done with the in-person interview, we will take the video and audio files, edit them, and then have them professionally printed in a 2 disc bundle. Sometimes the turn around time can be pretty quick but because we always have other projects in line, a safe plan is 4-6 weeks.

What if I just want an audio CD or just a DVD?

If you want to customize your own bundle, schedule a consultation call and we can discuss all the options and see what works best with your budget. Our consultants can also work by the hour if that works best for your project.

How does the payment work?

Once you set up your consultation call, we will go over your goals and time frame. We can set up a payment plan that works with your budget or you can save $100 for paying all at once!

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Happy Customers Say

Peter Strauss

Happy Customer

"Making my personal history recording was the first step I needed to accomplish before writing my autobiography. I'm all set and am excited to move on to the next step!"


Happy Customer

"I've sat down to write my personal history so many times and always left frustrated. This helped me get it done. I'm so happy with my finished project, and can't wait to share it with my family."